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FAQ based on my experience

The following is based on Wemo App version 1.7. Big improvements in 1.8.1

Q. I just added a device and now I cannot save rules.
A. Wait a period of time, usually up to 30 mins or more, until devices are updated. If you still cannot save rules, try closing WiFi on the iPhone, connect using Internet instead. Then go back to WiFi and try again. If still a problem, try editing the rule and use a different motion detector instead, or a different switch, etc. If you find that this solves the problem, go back to your original intention. If the error is still there, then that device is waiting to complete its update. Try switch it off, wait a minute or two, and power it up again. Walk away for a while and try again.

Q. Are there any Windows 10 apps.
A. I use 'Home Remote'. A little limited in that you cannot edit or create rules, but basic functionality such as turning devices and lights on/off and dimming works fine.

Q. My camera connects to one Access Point but not another.
A. I upgraded the firmware of my Access Point to solve this problem.

My biggest beef with this setup is that whenever you add a new device, or power goes out, or if I had unplugged a switch and relocated it, WeMo seems to do an update to all devices, more often than not. Very frustrating but I have learnt to cope with it by letting it do the update. Come back in an hour and usually all is well again.

Hints and tips

If your device is not working, unplug for several minutes and connect again

If you add a device or light, let it do the update. (this may take a while. come back and check the next day. walk away from it and eventually it will work)

if all your lights play up but not other devices such as switches and cameras, unplug the WeMo Link for several minutes and plug back in again. (this may also take some time to work)

If all else fails, uninstall the WeMo app and reinstall. It should pick up all your old settings. If not there, dont panic, it may take time for it to retrieve the settings. Biggest gripe here is that if you are used to sorting your devices/lights, you will have to do it all over again. A bit of a joke I think.

If you want to test to see if IFTTT is working, create a date/time condition as a trigger, say, 1/4hour time, and get it to start a switch or light. If this works, try the other services.

I have found that on occassions when I cannot save a rule, I use a different iPhone and create a rule there. Then I am able to create a rule on the first iPhone

If you need to join the devices onto a new wireless router or Access Point, you will need to 'restore' each device and connect it to the new WiFi. There is an automatic way of doing this but I haven't been able to succeed.

Otherwise, the hardware is rock solic. Wemo App a bit flakey but usable. Other apps such as Home Remote (for Winodows 10) and Control+ (for IOS) work fine, but no rules.

Want it installed and set up. Let me know via email and I will set up a date and time for you.